Crotch sycamore coffee table


L  1200     H  750     D 400

Certain pieces are dictated by their materials. This piece of crotch Sycamore was felled, slabbed, stacked and air dried in Cornwall. We acquired the whole tree, and have created several pieces over the years from it. This piece, and the book matched sycamore dining set were the best of it. Fantastically wide, beautifully figured and endlessly characterful, we held out using them till we found the most effective, and meaningful use of them.
The crotch section of a tree is where the main trunk splits into two or more large branches. Around this area in the tree, stunning figure, and rippling grain are to be found, and this tree doesn't disappoint. Pale throughout, the piece twists, turns and ripples. Peppered with knots, the grain dances around a central natural void, leading into the natural Y shape. The piece retains every morsel of its natural character, and commands attention and conversation
The coffee tables frame strives to be minimal and discreet, taking nothing from the intrigue of the top piece. This being said, the ebonized Ash, and brass detail hold beauty and elegance in themselves, and contrast wonderfully with the pale Sycamore top. Inspired by traditional Japanese joinery, the base is streamline in material, and sophisticated in construction, employing visible brass pins to secure the hand cut joinery.
Finished with a raw OSMO satin hard wax oil, the timber retains its most natural colour, whilst retaining its natural tactility.