Sycamore live edge dining table

L   2000
W   890
H   760

Designed for 6, this one off dining table s demands attention and intrigue. Elegant in its simplicity and form, and rich in provenance and consideration, this dining set will sit comfortably, and beautifully in a contemporary, light environment, and serve humbly for generations.

These two book matched pieces of sycamore were the standout slabs from a spectacular sycamore tree felled, slabbed, stacked and dried in Cornwall. The two slab pieces were cut next to each other from a giant sycamore crotch trunk. When opened next to each other, they offer a stunning mirrored grain, serving to highlight further the timbers beautiful pattern and figure.

The crotch section of a tree is where the main trunk splits into two or more large branches. Around this area in the tree, stunning figure, and rippling grain are to be found, and this tree doesn't disappoint. Pale throughout, the piece twists, turns and ripples. The table features a live edge inclusion on the inside of the slabs. This retains the timbers natural intrigue, and individuality, whilst allowing for a contemporary, and highly functional seating edge.

We chose to accompany the dining table with 6 of our favourite black range milked dining stools. Robust and elegant they prove a perfect match.

Please get in touch for more information, we would be delighted to speak with you about this table, or begin a discussion on creating a similar piece tailored to your needs.