What is Headandhaft ?

Head&Haft is a multi-disciplinary furniture, lighting, and home-ware design and manufacture brand based in Cornwall, UK. Founded in 2012, we focus on the design, and manufacture of handmade products, with emphasis on material, craft, narrative, and longevity.

Where are you based ?

Head&Haft’s studio is currently based just outside Falmouth, Cornwall. We strongly believe in a sense of community, and culture, and the massive gains to be found from local knowledge, people, and natural material wealth. This region not only inspires our work, but also provides many of the materials we use.

Can I visit ?

Upon arrangement we are happy to welcome you to visit our studios. Please get in contact if you would like too, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is everything handmade ?

Yes, whether it be a chopping board, or 12 man oak dining table, every product is passionately designed and manufactured through our hands. We machine the timber and package the final thing, so quality is assured at every stage. Having total control and involvement is the thing that excites us most about our business, and it will stay that way.

Where do you source material ?

We source material from all over. We like local material, and those little obscure sources that yield unique, intriguing finds.But we don’t limit ourselves, and use the most appropriate material for the purpose.

Where does the brand name come from ? 

Head&Haft began in a tiny container unit turning wooden bowls on the lathe we still use to this day. At this stage the bowls were roughed out with axes. Founder;  Chris, has always had a fascination with tools, and the axe in particular. In 2012 Chris won a scholarship to fund a research trip to Sweden, to experience some of the worlds finest axes being made, and returned enthralled by their simplicity and functional perfection. The Head, and the Haft are the two components of the axe, one without the other renders its effectiveness null. An applicable simile to Head&Haft’s ethos on design and manufacture.

Can I commission a piece ?

Of course. We love nothing more than working with a client on a project, and savour the challenge of making your idea a reality. We entertain any idea, or product, and incite you to get in contact, and talk it through with us personally.