American black walnut serving boards


For the first time, we are listing a limited quantity of our hand carved serving boards for online sale.

Board placement:  1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

The boards listed here are made from beautiful American Black walnut, and have a gorgeous contrast of grain and figure. Very dark, and stormy these would find themselves well within the most rustic of kitchens, to the most contemporary.

Carved from workshop offcut, and surplus timber, these boards use only the most beautiful, functional, and intriguing timbers. Each one has its own character and is wholly carved by hand by spokeshave. 

These boards will quickly prove themselves irreplaceable in your kitchen, and on your table. Tactile, and pleasing in the hand, and wonderfully useful, and beautiful in use. All timbers are chosen for their durability, and suitability, and are finished with multiple coats of mineral oil, and beeswax.The boards will age, and weather with age and use, and each board is supplied with basic are instructions.

Options are for each individual board with the lowest number, being the furthest to left of screen, and so on. Boards are pictured on both sides to show full grain and brand placement.