English Sycamore stool / side table

H  450mm    /    Ø  300mm
Figured English Sycamore with a beautifully fine, pale and ripples grain. A very tactile and elegant timber, and a table perfectly sides for a small bedside, occasional stool, or side table. Tenons are wedged with contrasting, walnut wedges.

Our "Milked" stools take inspiration from the elegantly simple, and endlessly useable age old milking stool.

Perfectly suited as stools alongside kitchen and restaurant tables , and equally comfortable as side tables . Comfortable, tactile, and supremely sexy, the chamfered tops, with visible through wedged tenons, and brass pinned stretchers scream luxury, whilst remaining understated and elegant. 

Beautifully finished, and wildly tactile, milked stools / side tables scream to be picked up and moved around. A true domicile dogsbody.