London Plane serving board


480 x 190mm

Beautiful Pale London Plane timber, with lots of figure and character. A very dense timber. Three available in this size, from the same piece of timber with very similar grain and colour, We hope you'll be happy for us to choose you one of the three, they are all beauts.

Our handled serving boards are all made from beautifully unique, and most often off-cut pieces of hardwood timber. The handles are shaped and finished by hand, making for a wonderful tactile and functional product. Very few are the same size or shape as no templates are used, we make the most out of each individual piece of timber.

Used as a cutting board, or to present or serve food, our boards will look as good on the table as they will in your kitchen.

Boards are finished with food grade mineral oil, and beeswax, and come packaged in recyclable materials with care info.