Limed ash XL side table


H  450  /  Ø  460

With a large amount of our work, there tends to be leftover pieces of timber. Pieces which are surplus to requirement, that feature knots or unwanted figure, or that are particularly wild grained, and as such, are not suitable for specific products. These pieces are however usually the most beautiful, and intriguing, and we never let these go to waste.
This three legged side / coffee table has been turned from a leftover board featuring several beautiful knots, as well as some gorgeous figure and rippling. This piece is large enough to be a coffee table, but small enough to function as a side table, bedside table, or sat next to your favourite chair.
Turned from American Ash, the ash has been very lightly limed; this is a process in which the grain of the timber is carefully opened with a brass brush, then a white pigment is brushed into this open grain. The pigment is then buffed back off the surface, leaving a subtle amount of the pigment in the timber, highlighting the grain, and giving the timber an extremely elegant appearance. The piece has then been finished with several coats of white pigmented hardwax oil to enable durability and function, and keep the elegant, pale tone of the Ash timber.
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